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September 24, 2021

Unfortunate India: with people full of idiosyncrasies

Unfortunate India: with people full of idiosyncrasies


India is a very generous and liberal country where every citizen has the right to free speech and expression. Every people in India have been right to free speech and expression and free to raise his/her voice against the government, in case he is not satisfied with the government in any manner.

At the same time, some people are unable to raise a similar voice against any class or community in fear of beaten castigated, beaten up, or killed. Even a shrill against a particular religion or its tenets become a serious issue of law and order in the country, but the same people who raise voice against all kinds of bigotry, religious practices, and preachers of a particular religion remain mum in similar matters of other particular religion in fear of being castigated, beaten up or killed.

Sometimes people sit in a public place to obstruct the traffic and to cause great inconvenience to common people in the name of not giving citizenship to the people of a particular country escalating the benign law of citizenship which was promulgated for giving democratic rights to refugees, who were tortured and thrown out from the country of a different religion.

People of some classes in India are not ready to understand the voice of civilized government, they stand against all moves of the government, be it beneficial to them or beneficial to others saying that this black law and should be abrogated. Even they don’t come forward to talk on the issue but stand adamant about the situation which invites no solution to the problem.

People keep on sitting on the road and start erecting pucca construction to stay on roads for a longer time to get satiated only if Government comes to them and bends down and repeals the laws made by it. Such kind of misdemeanors of certain classes of people should not be allowed in democracy otherwise they demolish the strong edifice of our old and revered democracy. Some strict action is the need of the hour because without fear of law and punishment such idiosyncratic people cannot be corrected. A cure is only fear of punishment nothing else.

Anjani Kumar Mishra, Advocate, Supreme Court

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